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     Red Apollo Group premiered its newly acquired French Comedy Raid Dingue to China. Raid Dingue has had major success in France, remaining in the top three for the month of February 2017. The premiere was hosted by Red Apollo Group and Lens Media at the Beijing International Film Festival. The President of French Union of Culture, the CEO of Red Apollo Group, the director Dany Boon and main actress Alice Pol were present for this event. During the Q&A section, Rick Zhang, the CEO of Red Apollo Group shared his opinion about the need of international films in China as well as this future status of this market. Meanwhile, the President of French Union of Culture summarized the increased activity of French films in China, he mentioned that in order to make French films stand out from this Hollywood lead industry, French films would like to do it through more subtle ways. Beside Raid Dingue, four other films that have been brought into China by Red Apollo Group are, The Kings Choice, Family Heist, The Infiltrator, and Florence Foster Jenkins. Red Apollo Group enjoyed being a part of this event, and is working hard to bring more great films to China.

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