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Red Apollo Group is an international financing and distribution company. From bringing films, TV, and all types of content to the Chinese marketplace to providing investment capital to high quality theatrical genre films in exchange for equity, Red Apollo Group is dedicated to bridging the gap between Hollywood and China.

With teams in both the greater Los Angeles, CA and Beijing, China, we have accrued over 15+ years of global experience, international relationships, and a library of over 100+ films.


We have what so many crave: the insight, the experience, and the contacts in China.




With a focus on quality and reputation, Red Apollo Group is dedicated to promoting more sensational stories from around the world for the Chinese audience.

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...... We mainly acquire feature and tv narratives, documentaries, and animations with well-known talent or international buzz.

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We currently have a close partnership with Chinese distributor Lens Media. This is how we have 100% certainty that the titles we acquire will have release in China. With over 10+ years working together, we don't have plans of stopping.


Lens Media, founded in early 2003, is a production, distribution, and copyright company based in Beijing. Lens Media is focused on bringing mainstream film and television dramas, charming animation, and inspiring documentaries from around the world into China. With a library of over 2,000+ hours of content, Lens Media has been an active content provider for CCTV, China Telecom, Tencent, iQiyi, and 200 different platforms.




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